We’re Think Delus

When we started Think Delus, it was as a result of our consulting experience dealing with clients in various industries such as advertising, agriculture, healthcare, not for profit and financial service sectors. The one question we kept getting was, "How can we be more efficient in how we exert our resources?"

Why Us?

Innovative Solutions

A team of data scientists and algorithm experts from around the world

Success Guarantee

A team with more than 15 years in BIG data modelling and powering data for decision making

On Time Service

Partnership with data collection agencies to enable Us do our best work within the shortest time

Professional Team

We work through the line: All the way from policy or strategy forumulation all the way to implementation

Our Services


Consulting & Advisory

  • Building analytics driven organizations


  • What is the problem? How can data point to the right way?


  • How can we take advanatge of data in our industry to give us an edge?

Field Implementation

  • Tools (Both hardware + Software) to build analytics driven organizaitons

Market entry solutions

  • Market entry and solution analysis and recommendations for African markets

Project impact analysis

  • High risk decision making analysis in retail, healthcare, agriculture and Fontech sectors