Accelerate your success

Apply a unique understanding of your markets with proven strategies and insights refined over time with great experience and technology. We have the people and the tools to help you meet your goals. We can help you realize and exploit the potential in specific focus areas that we operate in.

Our Focus Areas


Public Sector & NGO's

  • Think Delus works with Not for profit organisations and Governments across Africa to anticipate, monitor, measure & optimize the impact of their work


  • Think Delus uses local agronomic data, IOT Technology, Agro-inputs sales data, Farmer income spending patterns & preferences to determine the market potential for new and existing input products. This empowers new & existing players to identify opportunities for entry & growth, match offerings to farmer needs, and adjust to dynamic doing business in Africa

Analytics & BIG Data in retail

  • Think Delus uses local retail data across both traditional and modern trade together with promotions and advertising data to build powerful predictable models for FMCG operators in Africa

Smart Cities

  • Think Delus works together with Governments across Africa to develop roadmaps for smart cities, by using BIG data to not only design road maps and the policies but assist in the processing of data collected through IoT devices so that further analysis can be made to recognize the patterns and needs in the city


  • Think Delus works with energy utility companies to develop real time analysis and decision making business models to not only power decision making but improve service delivery to customers and uncover new financial & pricing models for profitability

Financial Services

  • Think Delus works with Banks, Insurance & Fintech companies to uncover inisghts, detect fraud and new business opportunities in their data

Healthcare & Pharma

  • Think Delus works with Healthcare medical providers & Pharma companies to provide AI powered tools to speed up the delivery of quality predictable healthcare to citizens across Africa