Tame the complexity of IoT

Think Delus helps you design, deploy and manage your IoT infrastructure with ease – no matter how many devices or locations you need. Unlock the true potential of IoT.

How do we do IoT?

Device Design

Built to deliver. Our design engineers refine your hardware plans, taking them from concept to market – on time and on budget.

Advisory Services

Get IoT experts on your team. Our support helps you design, prototype, and build a product that meets your business needs and budget.

Device Certification

Struggling with certification requirements? Our experts design compliant IoT devices that tick all the boxes – at home and globally.

Deployment Service

Our Deployment Services team takes care of the planning and SIM lifecycle management for your IoT device, leaving you to focus your business.

IoT Use Cases



  • IoT connectivity helps save lives with smart care in real time.

Smart Vending

  • Connectivity powers smart vending machines and new retail experiences.

Supply Chain

  • Optimise your supply chain with data analytics powered by global IoT.

Telematics & Telemetry

  • Live monitoring means greater insight, efficiency, and customer service.

Energy, Renewables and Utilities

  • Smart devices help sustain smart cities and renewable energy sources.

EV Charging

  • Charge a greener future. IoT helps increase charger reliability.